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Kyoko Nakamura “Okitsune” Clear Pink

Kyoko Nakamura “Okitsune” Clear Pink

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The "Okitsune" that appears in the illustrations of Kyoko Nakamura, who creates colorful pop works, is now a clear pink version!

It's a cute soft vinyl that's just the right size to fit in one hand.

Kyoko Nakamura

Illustrator born in Kyoto in 1992.
He likes to draw motifs such as Japan, foxes, and retro.
It is active in original art exhibitions and creative events such as committees as a circle shrine.
For digital work, I use Photoshop and Crysta, and for analog work, I mainly use acrylic gouache and pens.


Height approx. 14cm

material Made of soft vinyl
country of origin made in Japan
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