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Kenhol Reaemer

Kenhol Reaemer

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The coin -shaped "Remer" that can expand the ball holes and the shape around the hole is effective for still techniques such as "Uguisu", "bamboo horse", and "secret".

A sharp and jagged edge that drills holes efficiently like a drill.

Deep depending on the angle of cutting(depth)Size(diameter)Diameter that can adjust28mmThe optimal size of.

And it is easy to grasp and focus on2mmThe thickness of.

Brass made with rich design and functionKENHOL REAMERIs included with a portable Markan and a ball chain as a key chain. It is also recommended as an accessory combined with your neckless chain.

Use yatco or radio pliers when installing Markan.


【how to use】

Coin angle75°45°"Deep" when you cut it up and cut it. Coin angle45°10°If you lay it to a degree and cut it, the maximum "shallow and wide"25mmThe diameter of the hole can be increased to the extent.
Apply a coin slightly diagonally to the ball and cut while rotating the coin and ball. At this time, if the rotation is too slow, the heather eyes may be caught or the tree may turn up, so if you cut it with a fast rotation, it will give a beautiful finish.
Also, a tree(ball)When it is hard to sharpen, a tree with a spray etc.(ball)If you moisten, it will be easier to cut.

* The maximum diameter of the edge of the Kendama World Cup's ball is within 23.5mm. Please be careful not to shave too much. (As of March 2019)


Ball chain

  • Some dents and fine scratches may occur during transportation. Please understand in advance.
  • Please keep it in a place where your child is out of reach.
  • It may be discolored due to oxidation and wear due to high temperature and humidity.
  • This product is not a coin.


Prototype shown, final product appearance and colors may vary.

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