Kenhol Reaemer


A coin type "Reamer" that can adjust the shape of the ball or the shape around the hole is effective for stationary techniques such as "Uguisu", "Bake Horse" and "Portal".

Jagged edge at an acute angle that is efficiently scraping holes like drills.

Depth depending on the angle(depth)And large(diameter)Diameter that can be adjusted28mmOptimal size of

And it is easy to put in and easy to grip2 mmThickness.

A brass of brass with rich design and functionKenhol Reaemer"Markan and ball chain that can be carried as a key ring. It is also recommended as a combination of accessories with your necklace chain.

Use Yatto and Radio Pleches etc. when attaching Markan.

【how to use】

Coin angle75°45°If you set it up to the extent, "depth". Coin angle45°10°If you put it to the extent and cut it, "shallow and wide" largest25mmYou can increase the diameter of the holes to the extent.

Slightly obliquely coin to the ball holes, and roll it while rotating the coin and the ball. At this time, if the rotation is too slow, the eyebrow hook and the tree may be felt, so you can cut it with a quick rotation to make it beautiful.

Also, trees(ball)If it is hard to cut off, it is trees by spraying(ball)Wet and make it easy to shake.

※ Kendama World Cup The maximum diameter of the ball of the ball of the ball is23.5mmIt will be within. Please be careful about cutting too much. (2019Year3As of the moon)

Material: Coin Ball Chain Markan Brass

  • Some recesses and fine scratches may occur during transportation. Please be aware in advance.Keep your child's hand out of reach.It may be discolored by high temperature and humid oxidation, wear.This product is not a coin.