Legal notice


Archizan Design Studio Co., Ltd.

Shopgiven name

artisan toy

Manager in charge of operation

Takeshi Kiyohara


2-1-2 Shin-Ohashi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

telephone number




business hours

Monday -Friday10001800

mail address


Explanation of rates other than the product price

Shipping COD transfer fee

(Consumption tax is included in the product price notation.)

Application expiration date

It will be within 7 days after ordering. If there is no payment for 7 days after ordering, the order will be canceled automatically.


We have made a thorough product quality, but if the product is damaged or dirty, or if the wrong product arrives, the product will not be used and 7 days after arrival. Please contact us within the following. We will immediately arrange alternatives (refunds if the replacement is not prepared due to discontinuation).

Delivery time

After payment is confirmed, it is usually delivered from 7 to 14 days

Payment method

Bank transfer cash on delivery credit card payment

Payment deadline

Within 7 days from your order confirmation email

Expiration date

Please return within 7 days after arrival. Please note that products that have passed 7 days after arrival and products used are not returned.

Returning postage

If you return for your convenience, please pay for returned goods at your own expense.