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Setup up

Setup up

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KenholSpecial tools for "set up kendama" carefully selectedBOXI did. It is the perfect item for gifts.

■ KENHOL GRIP MIST / Mist bottle (30ml)
Put water in a bottle and "Ken" and "balls(Wooden land)By mist, you can get a temporary grip up as many times as you want.

spray   Pp
Overcap Clear orchid
Bottle aluminum

■ KENHOL CAN-CAN / Aluminum Mini can (60g)
The mini cans that store bearings and beads have a large caliber that can easily put fingers and urethane sponge. You can pinch fine parts efficiently.

can aluminum
Cushioning material Soft urethane foam

Kenhol Clipper / Clipper with key ring

A folding clipper with outstanding sharpness is a convenient tool that has a compact and easy -to -carry key ring that allows you to cut ken ball strings in any situation.

 Stainless steel


When using, please check the included instructions "Precautions for use".


Prototype shown, final product appearance and colors may vary.

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