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Setup up

Setup up

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KenholSpecial tools for "set up kendama" carefully selectedBOXI did. It is the perfect item for gifts.

■ KENHOL GRIP MIST / Mist bottle (30ml)
Put water in a bottle and "Ken" and "balls(Wooden land)By mist, you can get a temporary grip up as many times as you want.

spray   Pp
Overcap Clear orchid
Bottle aluminum

■ KENHOL CAN-CAN / Aluminum Mini can (60g)
The mini cans that store bearings and beads have a large caliber that can easily put fingers and urethane sponge. You can pinch fine parts efficiently.

can aluminum
Cushioning material Soft urethane foam

Kenhol Clipper / Clipper with key ring

A folding clipper with outstanding sharpness is a convenient tool that has a compact and easy -to -carry key ring that allows you to cut ken ball strings in any situation.

 Stainless steel


When using, please check the included instructions "Precautions for use".
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