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STUDY Soft Vinyl Doll Goronyan Luminous Ver.

STUDY Soft Vinyl Doll Goronyan Luminous Ver.

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This is a phosphorescent version of STUDY's character Goronyan. This is a soft vinyl figure.

Goronyan is on the left side when viewed from the front.

This character often appears in illustrator STUDY's works, Twitter, GIF videos, etc.

STUDY Yusaku


​I mainly draw simple line characters, animals, people, etc.

Mainly produces web comics, cut illustrations for books, social games, and corporate advertising comics.

​Original work , illustration

Anime “Nekoko no Goro”
Anime “There are horns today too”

Anime “Lunchtime Shocker-san (Toei)”


Prototype shown, final product appearance and colors may vary.

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