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Hiroshi Yoshii " Belly Button Kaiju: Naveloon"

Hiroshi Yoshii " Belly Button Kaiju: Naveloon"

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The youngest of the "Nove Kaiju" family living in Satoyama is 6 years old. Navel is important. The staple food is also a navel. Nico Nico always appears. There are no special moves, but burning is a bit painful. My dream is to be a big monster. The charm point is a double tooth. This is the first soft vinyl figure of artist Hiroshi Yoshii.


Comment from Hiroshi Yoshii

This is my first soft vinyl. I've been making figures and three -dimensional works from my own CG characters for a long time, but it has finally become a long -awaited soft vinyl. It is round and large. thank you!



Hiroshi Yoshii / HIROSHI YOSHII

Illustrator, mascot / character designer, artist. In addition to advertising and publishing illustrations, corporate mascots and animation character design, many original characters (TDW series) are produced. Based on them, they also work on three -dimensional works such as art toy and FRP sculpture. Representative works include NTT DOCOMO "Sheep's Shitsuji -kun", shop Japan "WOW -kun", Swarovski "HOOT, The OWL" series. In 2022, he designed the character "Materials of the Earth" of the Bandai "Gashapon 45th Anniversary Machine Gashapon Odyssey".


size Height about 18cm
material Soft vinyl
country of origin made in Japan


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